The Elven Calendar, or Loa


The following is the Elven Calendar, or “Loa” with what could be termed as the Solar observations.

From Tolkien:
Turuhalmë (Elven “LogDrawing”) December 21st
Solvalwaris (Purification, begin Stirring): February 2nd
Yestarë (Elven New Year, begin Spring): March 28th
Nost-na-Lothion (Day of Flowers, begin Summer) May 22nd
Tarnin Austa (Gates of Summer) June 21st
Yavië (begin Elven Autumn) August 2nd
Enderi (Middle Days, begin Fading) September 25-27th (all 3 days)

Improvised by Tië eldaliéva:
Cuiverë Quendiva (First day of Winter/Origins of the Elves) November 21st

Tië eldaliéva improvised the Full Moons too, using the Legendarium as much as possible, and will be in the book when published.  We hope to republish Dave’s in-depth Calendar article in the near future!  In the meantime, you can find the dates of the Elven Moons by using the Encyclopedia of Arda Interactive Calendar – the months in the Quenya language are termed “Numenorean” so you know which one we use.


P.S. Dave/Aikanar/Eluyon, the author of said Calendar Article can also be found at

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    1. Hi Brian! If you have MS Word, there is a function that inserts symbols. Many fonts have these alternative characters. If you need it for a website, you can find an html coding chart here:

      As for Tengwar (which I didn’t use in this post as they are the actual symbols used to write Elvish), that is a whole different story! Nonetheless, I will provide a couple links I hope you find helpful. I am no expert in this – these are merely to get you started on your search! As an aside, Tengwar can be used for Elvish (Quenya and Sindarin included) as well as English or other languages!

      If you wish to write Tengwar by hand, try Elvish in 10 minutes:

      If you wish to use existing Tengwar Fonts for computer purposes, try Dan Smith’s Tengwar Fonts:
      As a warning – the layout of the keyboard with these fonts are not based on sound – please know this. Also, check out the related links on the page!

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks Lisa! Let me also just say, although this does not have to do specifically with the Elven Caledar, I found this website to be very exciting and interesting!

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