The Elven Spiritual Path Tië eldaliéva – Based on the Elven Viewpoint in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth Stories
Tië eldaliéva – Based on the Elven Viewpoint in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth Stories

Needs, & Wishes


Tië eldaliéva (T-e) has been mandated to affect a great Work, and to implement a very grand vision. Organizationally, we’re committed to doing it right, the first timeThe costs inherent to fulfilling, and sustaining the Work in the framework of the vision are very high; like all 501(c)(3) organizations, we totally rely on public, and private support to enable us to fund those costs. In light of our above-stated commitment, we can either do the “same ol'” fundraising struggle for survival, diverting, and draining our time, energy, and resources seeking donations, rather than actually doing the Work; or, we can (a) grow as a self-sustained entity, via marketing of T-e generated media, literature, and merchandise, and (b) turn to the wealthy 3% of the world to help us to hit the ground running; (particularly to those who also love, and resonate with Tolkien’s Elven writings, and expressions). We have chosen the latter option.

Speaking frankly to real estate wealthy persons*, for a moment: COVID-19, and the world’s response to it, have plunged us into the first few months of what’s likely to be a precipitous, and extended economic downturn. During the past several years of steadily rising property values, you have probably experienced remarkable capital gains; and, during the past couple of years, as you have begun to see the rising property values trend level out, you may have begun to consider how to sell, or otherwise offload property in ways that retain most of your capital gains, in the event the markets experience remarkable, sustained property devaluations. Now, (especially since small business have only just begun vacating leases in droves, nationwide), the downturn is increasingly diminishing the value of many operations-ready, perfectly fine facilities; hence, now may be the perfect time for you to consider contributing your property to a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, for their operational benefit. Such a bequest/gift would allow you to offload such properties, and keep the capital gains you’ve accrued without paying taxes on them. Making such a contribution to us, would greatly enable us to do the Work right, the first time. (Please see the below “References…” we have provided for you to better understand the value of this opportunity for you!)


The Nature of Our Work, & Vision

Our Work is to establish a genuine, vitally resonant Elven spiritual tradition elevating Divine Resonance throughout the entire planet, for everyone. The aesthetic aspects of our vision arise from J.R.R. Tolkien, himself; inspired by his original Middle-earth art, and the art he inspired within many others.


Organizationally, (and for decades longer than the average age of our community members), our leaders have been individually cultivating what became our collective vision, and purpose,  (concurrently also acquiring the professional experience, and expertise required to successfully lead a mid-size company team of people to manifest it– given personnel, and sustained operational resources). If you’re feeling motivated to materially assist us in acquiring those resources, and you need a clearer picture of what we need, and how we would like the supply for some of these needs to look, this document is intended to help to make our current situation clear, on an ongoing basis; we’ll progressively update it as we grow.


General Financial Position (July 24, 2020)

As of the recent close of [the trustees first] Annual Meeting, we established the personnel, technical, and brick-and-mortar resources we require to meet to demands of our founding donors—who collectively represent the upon us demands by the global Tolkien-based Elven Community—the annual cost of which is a few thousand dollars less than one million ($1,000,000.00 USD). Our present financial holdings, exclusively acquired from cash donations, is less than $500.00 USD, and our present debt is approximately $2000; (entirely owed to the trustees). That’s where we are nearly fourteen months after receiving the donation(s) requiring us to become a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and church.


:: Main Considerations ::

Commercial Property Bequest/Gift: The Gift of WorkSpace!

Our primary consideration is the acquisition of operations-ready, perfectly fine commercial property, and a developed ranch enabling us to establish both administrative headquarters, and an Elven “Esalen”; our “Rivendell”. [We need facilities wherein we’re able to enter, set up, and fly; to hit the ground running, and quickly grow.] Generally, the geographical scope of our search is the coastal counties of California between Sonoma County, and Ventura County (except San Mateo County; more specifically, the dashed-line, lower central-upper southern coast area indicated within the inset in the CA map may be the part of CA for us to initially grow most efficaciously.). Let’s look at that from a two-tier perspective, I.e. from the needs of both Tië eldaliéva, and Yána eldaliéva.

Tië eldaliéva. T-e needs operations-ready commercial property accommodating
— 6 administrative offices,
— an audio recording studio,
— a video recording studio,
— a sound healing center,
— a dance studio,
— a meeting room suitable for up to 14 people to [COVID’] comfortably meet, with
— grounds for gardens, in a location that’s
— upwind, and at least four hundred (400) yards from the nearest major highway, or thoroughfare.

Yána eldaliéva (Y-e). Y-e requires a verdant, developed, operations-ready ranch to accommodate
— the building of our primary sanctuary,
— to establish an Esalen-like Elven community devoted to serious study, and development of Elven spirituality (in both intra-faith, and inter-faith contexts), and
— to establish permaculture operations that sustainably both build the land, and enable us to provide healing foods, herbs, and medicinal supplements to our global community, and to underserved, public communities primarily throughout the State of California; a location that is, likewise,
— upwind, and at least four hundred (400) yards from the nearest major highway, or thoroughfare.
{Note: Although we’re generally seeking a location for our Y-e base along the CA coast, we will graciously receive, and enthusiastically grow upon a property bequest meeting the above criteria in any other US state, or US Department of the Treasury-compliant nation.}

Seven (7) Years of T-e Jobs Funding

We need to create jobs, and pay more than 20 people to basically implement our Vision as reality. With a full crew, sailing T-e will cost nearly $1M annually; with no salary being “high”. Our projected budget spanning our next 7 years is $10M, which is simply required for us to grow, to accommodate hiring 3-4 new people, and to provide all personnel with annual, regionally average cost-of-living wage increases.


:: Our Wish List ::

A Class B Motorhome
To accommodate intrastate, and interstate trustee travel, as we investigate potential property bequests.

Funding for Training
To accommodate the costs of the trustees learning new skills enabling them to best fulfill our fiduciary duties during the first generation of Y-e.

Funding for “ElfCon”
To accommodate (COVID-19 respecting) annual Elven conferences, on par with the well-known “ComicCon”.

Funding for Annual Elven Music Festival
To accommodate an annual Coachella-like event exclusively presenting Elven sacred, and [Conscious] secular music.

Residential Property Bequests
Additional bequests of two (2) , single-family houses to accommodate the live/work activities of the current CA trustees.

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References for Wealthy, Non-Cash Donors

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[From the IRS} Non-Cash Donations


* Persons, (individuals, corporations, and/or banks), who can charitably donate a $10M USD commercial property, or a $40M USD developed ranch, and comfortably enjoy applying the entire tax deduction, either immediately, or,  up to fifty percent (50%) of their annual tax liability over the span of the ensuing 5 years. 




The foregoing constitutes a charitable solicitation on the part of Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path, and Sanctuary Charitable Trust, operating as Tië eldaliéva Elven Spiritual Path Charitable Trust; EIN: 841953054. All material contributions to the Trust are entirely tax deductible.



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