Tir Im, from Carvin Knowles: The Fellowship’s Album, In Elven Lands

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN8Ii1gGqZI]

Tîr Im
Music & Lyrics by Carvin Knowles

Tîr im elë nallon lasto lammen lasto lin
sinomë lomë quanta oi huini lasto lin
A Värda ortan calma amancala telperin
Tintallë beleg grothess bragol rille pata im
Quelle si mornië lienva aurë,
auta i lomë aurë entuluva. Ea.

(English Translation):
Watch over me, I cry, hear my voice, hear my chant.
In this dark place, full of infinite gloom, hear my chant.
O Varda, lift up your lamp of blesséd silvery light
to shine in this mighty cave a sudden brightness for my path.
This is the end of the darkness: the daylight is coming.
The dusk is passing, sunlight shall come again.

Caitlin Elizabeth: voice, cello
Kate St. Pierre: voice
Carvin Knowles: voice, gong

(Copyright 2006)

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