Tir Im, from Carvin Knowles: The Fellowship’s Album, In Elven Lands

Tîr Im Music & Lyrics by Carvin Knowles Tîr im elë nallon lasto lammen lasto lin sinomë lomë quanta oi huini lasto lin A Värda ortan calma amancala telperin Tintallë beleg grothess bragol rille pata im Quelle si mornië lienva aurë, auta i lomë aurë entuluva. Ea. (English Translation): Watch over me, I cry, hearContinue reading “Tir Im, from Carvin Knowles: The Fellowship’s Album, In Elven Lands”

“Become The Force” Release Bodes Well for Those In Tolkien Elven Spiritual Path Also!

There has been interesting recent developments in what can be termed as “pop culture spirituality.”  Watkins Publishing in the UK introduces “Become the Force,” the brand new book release from popular YouTuber (and now Author) Daniel M. Jones, a millenial from Wales with an adult diagnosis of Aspberger’s Syndrome, a highly-functioning form in the autisticContinue reading ““Become The Force” Release Bodes Well for Those In Tolkien Elven Spiritual Path Also!”

Calantirniel on the Guardian Gateway II Telesummit!

Just in time for Cuiverë Quendiva – wow! The Telesummit Goddess, Kim Wilborn strikes again with the FREE Guardian Gateway II Telesummit! Perhaps you recall me sharing the now-complete Tarot Telesummit for September of 2013 on AstroHerbalist.com.  I spoke on the fifth card in the Major Arcana, the Hierophant and experienced really amazing response. So,Continue reading “Calantirniel on the Guardian Gateway II Telesummit!”

Calantirniel’s Interview with Emily Carding, Author of Faery Craft!

Good News!  Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. has just released Faery Craft, a beautiful book by UK Author and Artist Emily Carding!  In the Summer of 2012, Calantirniel (Lisa Allen) was interviewed, and a good portion of this interview is actually published in the book.  A recent opportunity to view the paperback version of the complete bookContinue reading “Calantirniel’s Interview with Emily Carding, Author of Faery Craft!”

Tarnin Austa – The Gates of Summer

June 21st (Solstice): The “Gates of Summer” (Tarnin Austa) is the Elven Midsummer festival which starts the prior night and anticipates the rising of the Anar, the Sun in the East, who is “steered” in the skies by a fiery Maia (meaning “Beautiful One”) named Arien. In the Elven stories, the Sun was created byContinue reading “Tarnin Austa – The Gates of Summer”

Cuivérë Quendiva, the Awakening of the Quendi (Elves)

November 21st is the Gregorian date that Tië eldaliéva (the Elven Path) has assigned this observance (which means it is not one of the seven feasts in Tolkien’s calendar in the Appendices of Return of the King). However, it is also the First Day of Hrivë, the Elven Winter. The Elven Calendar has 6 seasons,Continue reading “Cuivérë Quendiva, the Awakening of the Quendi (Elves)”

The Elven Calendar, or Loa

The following is the Elven Calendar, or “Loa” with what could be termed as the Solar observations. From Tolkien: Turuhalmë (Elven “LogDrawing”) December 21st Solvalwaris (Purification, begin Stirring): February 2nd Yestarë (Elven New Year, begin Spring): March 28th Nost-na-Lothion (Day of Flowers, begin Summer) May 22nd Tarnin Austa (Gates of Summer) June 21st Yavië (beginContinue reading “The Elven Calendar, or Loa”