Morranúrimë: The Elven Dark Moon of Heat

August 2020 In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s now hot, humid, and “muggy”. In the South (United States), it’s a time when people traditionally indulge in front porch sitting; too muggy indoors to just chill, too hot outside to just chill, makes for a lot of time sittin’ around talkin’, or just sittin’,Continue reading “Morranúrimë: The Elven Dark Moon of Heat”

Tir Im, from Carvin Knowles: The Fellowship’s Album, In Elven Lands

Tîr Im Music & Lyrics by Carvin Knowles Tîr im elë nallon lasto lammen lasto lin sinomë lomë quanta oi huini lasto lin A Värda ortan calma amancala telperin Tintallë beleg grothess bragol rille pata im Quelle si mornië lienva aurë, auta i lomë aurë entuluva. Ea. (English Translation): Watch over me, I cry, hearContinue reading “Tir Im, from Carvin Knowles: The Fellowship’s Album, In Elven Lands”

Needs, & Wishes

Introduction Tië eldaliéva (T-e) has been mandated to affect a great Work, and to implement a very grand vision. Organizationally, we’re committed to doing it right, the first time.  The costs inherent to fulfilling, and sustaining the Work in the framework of the vision are very high; like all 501(c)(3) organizations, we totally rely onContinue reading “Needs, & Wishes”