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The Elven Spiritual Path’s RedBubble Store

Get T-shirts, Housewares, and Accessories that show your connection to Elvenness, especially if it is aligned with Tolkien Elves. Thank you, Tárainimë Alyras, for making our wonderful designs! While some of our designs use the Tië eldaliéva Seal (also created by Alyras) intended for those dedicated to their spiritual growth through participation in our pathworking, we have plenty of designs here applying the public-domain* version of what we call the Septaquetra; which, as of 2020, Tië eldaliéva has alternately designated as the New Elven Star. This public-domain Septaquetra is for all to use who align with the Tolkien Elven archetype in whatever fashion they’re comfortable doing so.

While we love the acute 7-pointed star, called a Heptagram or Septagram, the modern meaning of this symbol is very broad, ranging from Elven to Fairy/Faerie and even to Otherkin. YOU can help establish the Septaquetra as the New Elven Star by using it, and wearing it! We hope this store provides one good way to do this!

Rather than just being trendy stuff with “Elven” slapped on it, our products are actually Elven magical tools that may aesthetically, and spiritually enhance your life. When supporting us through Redbubble, your purchases tastefully enhance your environment, or image, whilst also being remarkable devices for your spiritual growth. We hope this store also assists you to dynamically accomplish that. Laita!





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* None of our designs our public domain; you may not use them for any purposes other than those relative to the personal use of the items bearing them that you may purchase. Tárainimë Alyras used an originally modified rendering of the below public domain version of the Septaquetra to create original, copyrighted designs, in order to encourage others to be likewise creative.

You may download the public domain Septaquetra here.

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