The Elven Spiritual Path Tië eldaliéva – Based on the Elven Viewpoint in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth Stories
Tië eldaliéva – Based on the Elven Viewpoint in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth Stories

Statement of Faith

From ARTICLE IV of our Bylaws


1. Everything relates to Nature. Nature is the highest form of teaching about life, and we look towards Nature for guidance. We use married science and intuition to understand our interconnection with Nature, and to freely share our such understanding with the general public.


2. We harm none intentionally, as understanding our interconnection, and are free to create what makes us authentically happy, in self-sovereignty, without impeding on the will of others.


3. We see all religions as spiritual pathways with some version of higher Truth, and, in our hearts, we recognize our collective spiritual unity, and interdependence above all other opinions, and differences we may hold.


4. We use Tolkien’s body of Middle Earth writings, (collectively known as the “Legendarium”), as the fundamental, and directive source of our teachings, and its content as the ultimate arbiter of our spiritual differences.


5. We source the Legendarium not as scripture, but as a divinely-inspired, spiritual framework for our own lives, its embodied Wisdom being capable of evolving us into the sovereign beings we are destined to express ourselves as, i.e. Creators on Earth/Arda.


6. We hold the Elven Spiritual Path to be panentheistic, and we exclusively identify “Eru”, (in both Masculine aspect, or “Ilúvatar”, and Feminine Aspect, or “Ilúvamil”), as Source/God/Goddess/Supreme Being/Universe/Multiverse/Great Spirit/the Force/All That Is/Absolutum.


7. We understand, and hold the incorporeal Animating Principal of Eru, i.e. what the Legendarium refers to as “Flame Imperishable”, to be the equivalent of what the Abrahamic religions may regard as Holy Spirit, with all of its historically afforded Wisdom, Presence, and Power. For Non-Abrahamic religions, this concept can be understood through the common term “Great Spirit” for indigenous, earth-based spiritual paths, or for a modern approach as well as for Eastern spiritual paths, “the Divine Light of Consciousness Within Us All.”


8. We understand ourselves, and all members of Tië eldaliéva to be the “Children of Ilúvatar” (the Children), as the Children are represented in the Legendarium as being mainly Elves and Men (Humans); and, as such, we understand we have equal, direct, independent access to the full resonance, and vitality of Elven spirituality via the incorporeal Eru through the incorporeal fourteen (14) Valar.


9. We understand the incorporeal 14 Valar to be like the Children in Nature, albeit different in purpose, (insofar as the scope of their purpose is concerned), likened but not the same as archangels of Abrahamic theism. We hold the Legendarium’s account(s) of the essential facts about their Nature, and their relationship to the universe, to Earth/Arda, and to the Children to be literal, and ultimately definitive.


10. We recognize, and interact with the 14 Valar [via gnosis, as well as ritual-facilitated, and meditation-facilitated intuitive contact] as literal incorporeal beings, or as energies or archetypes, and we hold Elven Spiritual Path to be under the arbitrating authority of the Valar.


11. We actively spread awareness about the spiritual relationship of humanity with earth by donating, volunteering, being activists, holding space, and/or contributing in some significant way to being individual guardians of Earth/Arda, and of its flora, and fauna. Some of us do this through raising and enhancing the human consciousness as the most effective way to be a guardian of Earth/Arda.


12. By example, showing our Way is one of peace and harmony, and recognition of the Divine Light within, we serve as objective mediators between conflicts of this world by thusly mediating conflicts that may arise between those whom we may be amongst.


13. Although we may embrace, and apply principles and dynamics of perennial philosophy, (e.g. Union, Sacred Marriage, and Christ Consciousness), and ancient wisdom from non-English cultures translated into Quenya, we maintain Elven Spiritual Path to be a community of faith holding a neutral position, rather than a position of either assertion, or of denial, (by all forms of communication), respecting what may be regarded as the Divinely-given power, authority, and dominion of all personages of all other religions, communities of faith, and spiritual traditions.


14. From around the world, we come together as an Elven Voice of Wisdom for other souls, and we accept all souls to our Path to walk with us–regardless of race, ethnicity, age (at, and beyond the age of emancipation, or with documented parental/guardian approval for persons under such age), political leaning, gender identity, sexual identity, soul identity, national origin, and/or religious faith, or non-faith. We believe that Elves are not limited by such criteria as possessing a certain, sought-after DNA, ancestry or bloodline, and that simply the interest in Elves, or the concept of Elvenness, alone or in conjunction with other factors (e.g. belief in Elves, belief in possessing and Elven soul, etc.) is more than sufficient to be part of our extended community.


15. With the highest levels of integrity, (judiciously applying our core, guiding questions, “What would the Elves say?”, and “What would the Elves do?”), we strive to express ourselves as Elves in this world, with accordant ethics, morals, spiritual belief structure, and what may be aligned with Elven cultural mannerisms, in order to spread the awareness of what we have discovered together about Union, Harmony, and the vital, and dynamic relationship between Eru, the 14 Valar, and all sentient beings via, and in the context of Elven Spiritual Path.