Calantirniel on the Guardian Gateway II Telesummit!

Just in time for Cuiverë Quendiva – wow! The Telesummit Goddess, Kim Wilborn strikes again with the FREE Guardian Gateway II Telesummit! Perhaps you recall me sharing the now-complete Tarot Telesummit for September of 2013 on  I spoke on the fifth card in the Major Arcana, the Hierophant and experienced really amazing response. So,Continue reading “Calantirniel on the Guardian Gateway II Telesummit!”

Calantirniel’s Interview with Emily Carding, Author of Faery Craft!

Good News!  Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. has just released Faery Craft, a beautiful book by UK Author and Artist Emily Carding!  In the Summer of 2012, Calantirniel (Lisa Allen) was interviewed, and a good portion of this interview is actually published in the book.  A recent opportunity to view the paperback version of the complete bookContinue reading “Calantirniel’s Interview with Emily Carding, Author of Faery Craft!”